Discovering womb steaming

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Discovering womb steaming

womb steaming herbs

So, when I first learned of womb steaming while I was on the Fertility Massage course in 2015, I was intrigued!  I found out that it is an ancient practice, and has been used by many different cultures throughout the ages. It involves the combination of herbs and steam, to prevent and treat women’s reproductive and womb issues. This medicinal herbal steam treatment works by cleansing the reproductive system. It moves stagnant energ,y and helps to increase circulation and release unnecessary build up.  The steam carries the medicinal properties from the herbs into the womb, nourishing and relaxing the tissue. This allows for better functioning of the reproductive system.

I initially thought it sounded bizarre, and I laughed when I found out you sit naked over a bowl of steaming herbs, wrapped in a blanket to retain the heat and steam.  So I decided it was best to try it out for myself before recommending it to my clients.

I found it to be a really nourishing thing to do for myself, and it did feel very cleansing for body and mind. It has helped improve the quality of my cycles – i felt so relaxed and calm afterwards, and had a very rested sleep.  It is recommended you do it just before bed time, so you can fall into bed after it.

It is best to do it in the first part of your cycle (pre-ovulation). The lovely thing is you can also use it as a ritual or meditation. You do the steam while holding an intention of what you want to release and let go of, and also of what you would like to manifest in your life. It can be a very sacred experience for body, mind and spirit.

Womb Steaming is used to help with painful or heavy periods, improving fertility, toning of the womb tissue, speeding up recovery after child birth, alleviating abdominal pain or pressure, stimulation of healthy sexual energy, and releasing cellular memories of past trauma.

I offer Fertility Massage treatments at my clinic Serenity Massage & Holistic Centre in Glasgow.  Once you have come in for your initial treatment, I send you an email with lots of useful resources, including instructions on how to do womb steaming. I also have the womb steam herbs available. These packs have been put together by a herbalist, especially for this purpose.

I hope this post brings more awareness of this healing practice, as most of the ladies I work with, including myself, had never heard of it before!


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