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Menstrual and Fertility Conditions
Painful PeriodPainful OvulationIrregular PeriodsExcessive BleedingPCOS (polycystic Ovary Syndrome)FibroidsEndometriosisPremature Ovarian FailureFailure to OvulateLow AMHMiscarriage (once)Recurrent Miscarriage

Symptoms experienced prior to and during menstruation
Lower back acheHeadachesDizzinessChange in bowels i.e. Constipation/DiarrhoeaPainful/numbness in left legPainful/numbness in right legDark thick blood at beginning of menstruationDark thick blood at the end of menstruationBlood clotsCramps left sideCramps right sideCramps central lower abdomenHeaviness or pressure in lower pelvisDragging sensationIncreased Urination

Symptoms currently experiencing
Varicose veins left legVaricose veins right legBladder infectionsBladder weaknessFrequent urinationDifficulty experiencing orgasmsCold hands or feetAnxiety/DepressionTrouble with sleep onsetTrouble with sleep maintenanceTightness in chestDifficulty breathing into abdomen

Digestive Complaints
Constipation (<1 per day)DiarrhoeaIBSFormed bowel movements (sausage like)Loose bowel movementsHard bowel movementsNon-formed movements (pellets)Abdominal pain left sideAbdominal pain right side

Medical History
Are you under treatment for infertility i.e. IVF

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Method of delivery:
NaturalWater birthEpidural/PethidineForceps/VentouseC-sectionTerminationsMiscarriageEctopic

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Labour & Delivery

Post Partum

What are your feelings towards giving birth?

Emotional & Spiritual

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When do you most often feel this emotion?

Have you witnessed or experienced:

Emotional abuse

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What changes would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

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Cancellations within 48 hours will incur a 50% charge.
Cancellations within 24 hours will incur a 100% charge.
I understand the treatment is not a replacement for medical care.
I understand that the therapist does not diagnose medical illness, disease or any other physical or mental conditions, prescribe medical treatment of pharmaceuticals, or perform any spinal manipulations.
I have stated all known conditions, and take it upon myself to keep the therapist updated on my health.

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Information will not be disclosed to any third party without clients’ consent, except where required by regulations. Information may be processed by Woman Be. Currently this includes Leanne Wallace (Fertility Massage) and Fiona Maule (Hypnotherapy only). Sensitive Information is securely destroyed 7 years after your most recent appointment.

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