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Fertility Massage Therapy

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Abdominal Massage for Fertility, Reproductive and Digestive Health

A deep, yet gentle, non-invasive therapy that brings Balance & Harmony to the Reproductive, Digestive and Sacral areas.

Balanced Womb, Balanced Woman

This flowing blend of modalities may help with:

 ✿ Fertility ✿ Irregular Cycles ✿ Period Pain ✿ Cysts ✿ Fibroids ✿ Heavy Periods ✿ Missing Periods ✿ PMS ✿ Endometriosis ✿ Tilted Uterus ✿ Mood Swings ✿ IVF Support ✿ Miscarriages ✿ Poor Egg Health ✿ Pre-Menopause/Menopause Symptoms ✿ Bloating ✿ Cramps ✿ IBS ✿ Constipation

I have been a massage therapist and energy worker at Serenity in Glasgow since 2011, and I combine massage techniques, energy work, acupressure, visualisations and rebozo techniques, to create a bespoke nourishing treatment, that helps to release physical and emotional tension. Fertility Massage is a unique therapy that aims to re-awaken and re-connect women to their bodies, especially their womb.” Leanne x

Find me at: Serenity Massage & Holistic Centre, Glasgow. G44 3RA

My Mobile: 07800 590 163 Glasgow Clinic Reception: 0141 649 1444



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