IVF and ICSI Support

Fertility Massage in preperation for, and during your IVF or ICSI Treatment

Having the treatment in preperation for going through assisted conception is a good way to ensure you are in the best place possible to be receptive and as relaxed as possible.

A fertility massage treatment is a very nurturing experience to gift yourself, and a balancing contrast to the clinical invasive procedures involved in the IVF process.

Good blood flow to both the ovaries and womb is important to ensure good quality eggs are produced, and that the lining of the womb has the nutrients required for pregnancy.

Where possible it is recommended to have the massage treatments in advance of your IVF or ICSI protocol starting, as well as throughout the process.

You can have the massage any time during your IVF or ICSI treatment, up until you have your transfer.  If having the treatment during an induced bleed, I simply avoid the womb area and focus on other areas, as well as energy work, rebozo techniques and acupressure points.

I also offer relaxing reiki treatments on their own, without any massage, and this can be very supportive to help reduce stress levels during the two week wait.