Details and Prices

Fertility Massage Details & Prices

Please complete the consultation form on this website and submit to me at least 48 hours before you come in for your treatment. I require the form beforehand so I am prepared in advance for your appointment and so we don’t have to waste any of the appointment time filling in forms.

Please allow 2 hours for your first appointment as this includes a consultation where we will discuss your fertility journey and your physical and emotional well-being, followed by the fertility massage treatment.

Subsequent follow up sessions are 75 Minutes.

After your treatment I offer further self care advice that can help between treatments.

Initial 2 Hour Appointment including Consultation – £89 Book Now
Subsequent 75 Minute Follow Up Treatments – £59 Book Now
3 x Follow-Up Treatment Block – £149 (Save £28) Buy Here

What to Expect
The treatment will start with a lower back, sacral and gluteal massage, followed by your abdomen and over your womb area. You will receive massage from your pubic bone up to your rib-cage, using various massage techniques. The massage will be adapted according to where you are in your cycle.  My aim is to ensure you feel safe, nurtured and able to relax in mind and body which will help you to let go of any physical tension and trapped emotions. I also incorporate energy work (which is optional) to help release any blockages in your energetic field, if for any reason you do not wish to have this please let me know during the consultation. This includes Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and working on certain acupressure points.  I may also use rebozo techniques and guided visualisations.

Serenity Massage & Holistic Centre is on the South Side of Glasgow. The clinic address is 4 Parklands, Glasgow, G44 3RA